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A Programme of Weekly Tai Chi Classes, near Pershore

Learn a pure and authentic tai chi and qigong system that was developed and brought to the West by a Doctor of Western medicine, (who also happened to be a genuine tai chi Master). Experience the profound benefits that can be achieved. Improve your posture, clear your mind, boost your energy, and have fun too!

About the 'Tai Chi Al Fresco' Sessions

Classes consist primarily of the the Taiji 37 style tai chi chuan (taijiquan) form, with a sprinkling of Taijiwuxigong qigong exercises. The Taiji37 taijiquan form is a short sequence of expansive postures that originates from the 'Nanpai' tradition. Taijiwuxigong is a set of exercises involving movement, breath, sound, and meditation, that gently liberate the mind and body of tension.

The first hour ('easy') will be devoted to learning the 'Taiji 13' (ie shortened Taiji 37) Taijiquan form. The second hour ('deep') will be devoted to learning Taiji 37 Taijiquan in-depth, and is geared more towards experienced students. If you are a 'deep' student, you should ideally come along to the first hour too, but you don't have to.

When: Saturdays, 10-00am - 12-00pm

Where: Drakes Broughton Playing Field (behind the Village Hall), Walcot Lane, nr Pershore, WR10 2AJ

Wear: Light layers, appropriate flat-ish soled shoes, and a smile.

Fees: £7-50 per session (easy), £15-00 per session (deep), please pay on arrival.

Practical Details:

To be 'covid-secure' and to meet insurance requirements, you must book ahead for each session - you can do this now by clicking the 'Book a Session' button below. When you arrive to the session, please remember to maintain a respectful distance from others. Please do NOT attend if you are experiencing any of the characteristic symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been told to self-isolate at the time of the session.

The area of playing field we have allocated is directly behind Drakes Broughton village hall. To access: from the carpark, walk around the outside of the hall on the side of the children's play area, and follow to the rear. We have exclusive use of this area of grass and shared use of the toilet in the hall.

We recommend you bring: rain wear just in case it rains; hat, sunscreen, and a drink just in case it is hot/sunny; your own personal hand-san to keep hands safe after touching the few surfaces that will be there; and a snack.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you are a beginner and you would like to join the class.

Book a Session