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Weekly Tai Chi Classes at Croome

Learn a pure and authentic tai chi and qigong system that was developed and brought to the West by a Doctor of Western medicine, (who also happened to be a genuine Tai Chi Master and teaching Lama).

Do you want to:

If so, maybe these Tai Chi classes are for you!

About the 'Tai Chi at Croome' Classes

PLEASE NOTE: you won't be floating around a room trying to 'feel the energy' at these classes!

Instead, the sessions will be devoted to learning a 13-step Taiji 37 style form, drawing on Taijiwuxigong for support. We will use this to learn and explore the 13 'Shi', or dynamics, that are fundamental to any authentic Taijiquan style. In practice, this means developing balance, proprioception, expansion, and an inner connection with self.

We appreciate that there are a couple of unpronounceable Chinese words in the previous paragraph, so here are some brief explanations of them:

Do use the navigation bar above to find out further information about these techniques.


Thursdays, 9-30am - 11-00am (beginners: 9-30am - 10-30am). New term started on 11th January 2024.


The old 'SOQ' building, NT Croome, Croome D'Abitot, Worcestershire, WR8 9DW.

Fee: £10.00 per class.

You can 'pay as you go' in cash (£10.00) on arrival to each class, or you can book and pay in advance for a class online (£10.50), using the 'Pay Online' button below.

Practical Details:

Feel free to phone Marc on 01905 811123 if you have any questions.

Health Check Pay Online SOQ Building


Directions to the SOQ at Croome

The SOQ, formerly the Sergeants’ and Orderlies’ Quarters for the WW2 RAF Base at Croome, is on the right hand side of the main car park as you arrive at Croome.
(Post Code: WR8 9DW. What Three Words: nurtures-ocean-erase)

It is a single storey black building just opposite a Gloucester Meteor plane and the toilets. The closest parking spaces to it can be reached by turning first right into the car park after entering main gates of Croome.