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Weekly Classes near Worcester

Learn a pure and authentic Tai Chi (Taijiquan, Qigong, & Meditation) system that was developed and brought to the West by a Doctor of Western medicine - who was also a genuine Tai Chi Master and teaching Lama.

Do you want to:

If so, maybe these Tai Chi classes are for you!

About the 'Tai Chi etc' Sessions

PLEASE NOTE: you won't be floating around a room trying to 'feel the energy' at these classes!

Instead, you will be learning and practicing the Taiji 37 style taijiquan (tai chi chuan) form, with a sprinkling of Taijiwuxigong qigong & meditation exercises, and some occasional ad-hoc Buqi healing from your teacher. We appreciate that there are some unpronounceable Chinese words in the previous sentence, so here are some brief explanations of them:

Do use the navigation bar above to find out further information about these techniques.

When: Thursdays, 7-30pm - 9-00pm

Where: Whittington Community Hall, Worcester, WR5 2RQ

Wear: Warm layers, appropriate flat-ish soled shoes, and a smile.

Practical Details:

Fees: £9-00 / £10-00 per session.

The first part of each session ('easy') will be devoted to learning the basic techniques of Taiji 37, and is perfect for beginner and experienced participants alike. The second part ('deep') will be devoted to learning Taiji 37 taijiquan in-depth, and is geared more towards experienced students. If you are a 'deep' student, you should ideally come along to the first half too.

Every so often we will spend the full 90 minutes on the qigong and meditation (Taijiwuxigong).

Please come prepared to do some exercise; wearing warm, loose-fitting clothes, & flat-soled shoes (eg 'plimsoles'). Although there is no requirement to wear a face covering during exercise (but you can if you wish), please do wear face-covering when arriving, leaving, and moving around between exercises.

Fees can be paid on the day in cash, or online (PayPal) in advance via the buttons below.

Note that the next beginners intake will be on the 11th January .

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Health Check Form